I will try and make this short but explain my history. I’ve been told I’m a strong psychic/medium although I don’t see it. I get what I get and see at times and sense at times and have visions occasionally, and see pictures in my head of the dead which I just recently learned while doing an investigation and can hear them jibber jabber but understand in thought form.  My antenna is not always up but I am able to raise my vibration level to become more in tune (learned recently too).

pic of male leaving living area when I got the camera and felt he went up the stairs. sure enough.

Anyway, approx. 3 ½ yrs ago my son was cutting neighbors grass and I felt someone watching me. I looked and only saw a single crow watching me.  It sat there for over an hour before I decided to shoo it away because it was giving me the creeps.  Didn’t work.  I was so close to this crow it could have pecked me.  I had my mother check neighbors yard to see if it was sick and died but it was no where to be found.  5 people I knew died that week.  That same month my youngest and I fell asleep watching tv in my room.  I in dream state saw an evil presence of a woman with wild grayish blue hair, big pointed teeth, black, embedded, crooked lines going down her cheek areas and wearing a sheer grayish blue gown.  I stared at her eye to eye with no fear only concern for my son.  She tried to come forth but there was an invisible wall barrier between us not allowing her to come forth, at least not until I took my eyes off of hers.  I suddenly woke.  Mind you, I knew a presence was coming that night because only my bedroom light flickered earlier before bedtime.  I get that as if they are letting me know they are there.  I never told anyone of my night because I never told my boyfriend of 15 yrs that I had these encounters.  3 months later my youngest comes running to me telling me he saw a woman in our hallway, describing the same woman.  This woman shape shifts too into a young little girl, both having embedded lines.  Our house suddenly became haunted after living here for about 15 years.
I always felt uneasy upstairs but I was always good at dismissing things and ignoring the issue.  Now I know and can’t dismiss it no longer.  There is a portal up there.  There are several demons coming through and I and my oldest have been attacked on several occasions, in dream state and while awake.  3 of us have seen the 7-8ft tall black cloaked demon who has no face, only darkness.  Friends and other family members have had experiences or seen things too and my mom became sick while on our property until she left.  I lost 3 animals last year.  I watched my mom’s cat and while here she went completely deaf.  Her hearing returned several months later after being back with my mother.
My paranormal experiences started long ago when I was younger.  Most frightening then was when I had surgery and was being dragged through a very dark tunnel being dragged by my hair by a demonic entity.  Thought I was going to hell until I heard my name from far away.  I opened my eyes and my bed was surrounded by people standing hip to hip.  I still today feel they were angels who pulled me out.  
Anyway, to shorten this, I was attacked in my dream state again last night.  I’m not exactly sure what he was trying to do but only got the feeling he was trying to get inside.  He ran and jumped on top of me and I tried to gain control of my fear praying to God.  As I continued to pray he told me that my Father couldn’t do anything for me now.  I was told this several times.  As my fear got undercontrol more I saw the ceiling begin to split and this bright white light began to shine through but my fear got the best of me again and it closed.  I then kept telling my Father I love him and again it opened.  I woke after this.  There was another attack I had when I tested the spirit whom was asking for my help.  I felt the negativity coming off of her so I tested her.  She ran at me with a distorted face trying to touch me with the weird shaped sticks.  Why I feared those sticks I’m not sure.  Trying to cast her out my boyfriend heard me and woke me.  I get loud in battle in the night.  My heart has been attacked while I was awake too while the spirit asked me how I liked it.  I have been attacked while awake to where I felt like I was going to pass out.  That day my boyfriend’s mother watched me in horror as I fought to say st Michael prayer.  So much has happened.  My oldest has been pulled into many trances while an evil spirit told him, “there is nothing to fear boy”.  He moved out and has been doing better.  The cloaked one leaned down and whispered in my ear that I can’t get rid of him.  He told my oldest that he will never leave him.  
I guess my question is what was the spirit’s intent when jumping on me while mulling the middle of my chest, not sexually by the way.  Oh, reminds me.  I felt someone a while ago lay up against my back.  Turned over and didn’t see him although I felt it was male.  I was exhausted and fell asleep, again dismissing it.  I woke and my bra strap was undone and my bra was up around my neck.  Just 2 weeks ago my boyfriend woke and couldn’t understand why he felt a breeze.  His boxers were off.  He wrapped the blanket around him and found his boxers on the floor.  Both of us have no memory of how either of these things happened.  I know a little personal but I need to know what and how to get this under control.  I am God fearing which does put me behind on many things.  After all this my boyfriend who never went to church goes faithfully now.  Another important factor is that a neighbor across the street told us that they call our home the house of disabilities.  Everyone who has lived in this house has either been disabled or had some type of ailment.  I started having chronic pain approx 1 yr after moving here.  I have deg. Disk disease, myofacial disease and my knees are going although the doctors can’t understand why all my blood work comes back negative for any type of arthritis.  My boyfriend’s brother had an accident paralyzing him.  Everyone else is going through depression and high anxiety, asthma, illnesses and such.  Our attic is cut up strangely too.  On one side you pull out a book shelf and when inside to the left is a small doorway you would have to crawl through to get to another big room.  I don’t know why it was cut up that way.  Just strange.  So much more has happened, but I’ll stop here.  Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.  Again, sorry so long.


Greetings:  I think that it is perhaps time to leave this place.  The good thing is that it seems that whatever is troubling you is attached to the house and not to the people.  The events that you have described are quite dramatic. There may have been some dark work performed in your home before you were there.  It was not necessarily trying to get into your body when it jumped on you.  More to the point it was trying to steal your energy.  For the next seven days, include garlic, and sage in your diet.  It will effectively stop things from attacking you.  Please.  I know that you would rather fight than leave but sometimes leaving is exactly what you have to do.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.  Peace.

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