Hi, this morning I had a nightmare, and then after that, I remember that I was awake, or at least lucid. For, I was as if paralysed, in this half-dream, half-aware state where I could not move to wake up completely. And then, there was this sort of shadow that was caressing my hair,in an almost loving way, as if patting me to sleep. Is this a medical scare thing or something worse like a spirit or demon hovering around me? I got really scared, and it was as if the shadow was soothing me, but I got so scared, ‘knowing’ that it was evil or dnt know somehow that I imagined a white circle of light and protection forming around me and forcing it away. The shadow was resisting very hard, not wanting to dissipate, but somehow I managed to send it away with the circle of light. What could this mean? Was that a dream-induced anxiety or was it real?? Hope it’s the first! Thanks for taking the time to reply!


Greetings:  If you could send it away with a circle of light, it was real. I do not believe that it was evil however.  Just intrusive.  Good job focusing.  Let me know if you need further assistance.  Peace.  Ahura Z.

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