Dear Ahura Z,
I am interested in your opinion regarding pendulum dowsing. I have been on a spiritual journey that involves exploring and developing my intuition, finally, and recently I began using a seemingly strong quartz crystal pendulum (that I properly cleansed and charged before use and feel strongly attracted to) to explore and practice. My husband and I got on the topic of buying lottery tickets (I asked if this was an appropriate topic first) and despite very compelling answers to our specific questions and a really fun, exciting and positive set of circumstances surrounding the day that we were instructed to buy the tickets, we did not win. To be honest, we were surprised, since it was so compelling (my husband is a believer, but more logically minded than I). I asked of the pendulum, what was the force behind it working–our thoughts, my thoughts, intention or spirits and I was told that they were my 5 guides. Do you have any wisdom about this? Were we lead astray for a greater purpose or is it an unreliable source. I trust my intuition 100%, the pendulum feels less genuine and odd to me. Not bad, or anything, just not quite right, even though it is interesting. Can it attract non-beneficial energy like a Ouija board? Thanks for your help. Good day to you. L


Greetings:  Sorry for the delay.  Based upon what you have described I do not think that this entity is honest.  While the pendulum is indeed a great tool of divination, the spirit that is speaking to you is leading you astray.  Perhaps the pendulum is not your medium.  Try another.  Let me know how this turns out, and please never give up.  Peace.  Ahura Z.

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