my sister in law died at the end of feb after many years of dealing with various kinds of cancer the scenario is as husband and i were asleep in bed ..I was startled awake as was my husband we sat straight up as i husband laid back down and didn’t remember anything in the i recall what startled me was a presence in my face when I opened my eyes i felt as though we were about to be killed by soon as i recognized it was a presence of some kind it withdrew and hovered for a moment over the seemed black in nature with some sort of sparkle here and there not much but enough to see…I could not go back to sleep so i got out of bed and went to the family room where i began to think i would soon get a call that my sister in law had passed at 3am i decided to go back to bed just as i fell asleep the phone rang ..she had passed half an hour earlier…the dark presence had visited me at 10:30 pm 5 hours earlier..what do you think this means


Greetings: I think that the two events are definitely related. The darkness that you felt was what we in the paranormal world call a “specter, or spectre”. Usually a herald or portent of doom. That same spectre took your sister in law, and was looking to see if there was another that it would be able to take in the future because of the same malady. Fortunately this was not the case. I think that your husband knew this, but could not form the words to describe what he felt.

I know that this sounds sci-fi but it is true. Because the both of you felt its presence means that it left a signature behind that can easily be banished. Get a supply of white unscented candles, and open a bible to Psalms 91. Together read it out loud three times before you go to bed, and light the candle. Leave the candle on and burning until it goes out by itself. The signature will dissipate. It will also irradiate the possibility of the same disease happening in your house. Remember. 7 days. If you need further assistance let me know. Peace. Ahura Z.

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