Hi! I’m a 43 year old single man living alone. I live in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. Last night at 2:15AM a strong punching stench of feces woke me up as I was sound asleep. I opened my eyes and I started smelling out with my nose up like a dog would, to identify where the odor came from. I thought it was in my arm on the opposite side to the elbow or my pillow. I got out of bed and put some liquid aromatizer on my arm and on the pillow but by then the smell was gone. In the morning the pillow and my arm both smelled just fine. I’m an extremely clean person and I will never go to bed with something on my arm or bed or pillow that will remotely smell like feces. The air conditioner was off so the smell coming from outside is ruled out. I recently bought a house on the other side of the city and have spent some time in it remodeling with plans of moving in. But last week one night I saw a man’s shadow walking around inside that house but I thought it might have been an optical illusion of some sort. But when I told a neighbor about it the next day, she told me that a child died tragically inside that house during a fire and that ever since, future owners of that house have reported seeing unusual and strange things, and they have ended up moving out for one reason or another. She told me she didn’t want to tell me that for fear that I would change my mind about moving in and she really liked me and wanted me to be her neighbor. That day I changed mind and decided to rent that house instead and buy me another one, hopefully a better one with no shadows. But since I didn’t know anything about the house, I spent lots of time working on reparations inside the house sometimes until late at night, sometimes up to midnight, for a few days, a few weeks ago. And now last night the smell of feces so strong that woke me up. Any ideas of what it could be? Is the smell of feces related to the house that I bought? Could something have followed me from one side of the city to another one? Am I in danger? What should I do if the smell wakes me up again? My mother died last summer of cancer and since then I go EVERY Sunday to her grave to take her fresh flowers, but I leave the cemetery right before sundown. I cry a lot at her grave and talk to her as if she could listen to me. Could something from the cemetery have followed me to my place? Should I stop crying and talking at my mother’s grave? Can “something” at the cemetery (besides my mother) listen to my cries and talking and try to take advantage of me? Should I stop going to my mother’s grave altogether? Please advise and thanks for your time and advise.


Greetings:  I think that it is time to let your Mother go.  I know that this will be difficult as you obviously loved her, but your emotion is like fuel to other entities that may be at the graveyard which is probably the case with the smell.  Remember.  Your mother is not in that grave, and crying will not bring her back.  If you want to speak to her then speak to her where ever you are, and I am sure that she will hear you.  Get some frankincense and burn it in your home.  That will clear out the olfactory entity, and let me know if it happens again.  Peace.


Thanks for your answer! I have taken the decision to stop visiting my mother’s grave every week but instead i will now go only on special occasions like mother’s day (May 10th), her birthday (September 10th), the day of the dead (November 2nd), and Christmas day (December 25th). One afternoon around last Christmas I was at her grave and I thought the sky was very pretty and decided to take some pictures with my cell phone’ camera. After downloading the pictures I noticed on them a small rounded ball of white light on her grave. In person I did not see that ball of light but only after I downloaded the pictures taken. I’m attaching pictures for you to see and give me your opinion. I showed them to my sisters whom say it was just a camera technical glitch or sun rays’  reflection. I told them I believed it was my mother energy present there with me, calming me down on my sorrow. But they don’t believe so. The scientific explanation could be that it’s just a technical glitch of the camera or optical illusion. The sun went down just 2 or 3 minutes after I took the pictures, it was late. Being myself so spiritual and open to all possibilities I leave the door open to all opinions. On picture # 1 you see the ball of light on the face of one of the two large framed pictures on the grave. The back of the frame is thick so it could not be sunlight coming from behind. On picture # 2 you see the same ball of white light in the middle of the grave in front of some red roses. There is also a triangular brownish figure emerging from the grave that shows something like a face with eyes, nose and mouth and this I want to strongly believe it’s just an optical illusion, my mom was not that ugly. On picture # 3 there is some light in my parked car’ back small window. I didn’t think anything when I saw it in December, it was just some reflection of sunlight. But this week out of curiosity I reviewed the pictures carefully and I amplified this light on my car’s window 800 times on my computer (picture # 4) and the image clearly shows an inverted crucifix, a cross upside down. Once amplified, the image is so eerie it gives my the creeps. Again, it could just be an optical illusion, but, what do you think? Sorry but I had to send you 4 e-mails because only one picture can be attached per e-mail. I appreciate your time and answer. Thanks for everything you do.

Followup answer:

I have examined the pictures and as near as I can tell they all have the same energy signature.  I also think that the anomolies in the pictures are signs that you should move on with your life as It is clearly not a good idea for you to visit the graveyard.  I want you to stay away from the graveyard for 6 months.  The negative energy that surrounds the graveyard will erase itself to you.  In other words you will be able to visit only once every 6 months.  Your mother is not there.  Release her and move on.  I know how you feel but this is the only way. I will study the pictures further and get back to you.  Peace.


This last pic is a sign again that there is nothing good for you in this graveyard.  Listen.  Grief is a powerful attractant to the supernatural, and someone definitely has tried to attach themselves to you.

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