I have feeling that I believe maybe make me a sensitive. I get the creeps or heavy feeling, negative like I can sense danger or not to go beyond the point that I am. People too..I can sense if they are evil this has even happened to me while I was in church. A man sat beside my husband, me and my daughter he had black eyes, no expression on his face and I felt sick to my stomach. We ended up getting up and leaving church early because of this. He kept staring at me or my daughter..I can still see those dark eyes and no expression on his face. He left when we left and needless to say, we did not go back to that church again.
I have had feelings of bouncing on my bed, doors slamming and no one is in the house. This even happened the first year we moved in and this was a brand new home. My daughter who is now 12, was telling me at 18 months she could see Jippen..??? Pointing to the door. After my father in law passed, I felt caressing of my hand, heard tapping on the wall and the other side is cement because it is in the basement. I heard a ring in my ear, like a phone, then him saying hello in my left ear.He and  I spoke each day for the 10 years I was married to his only son.
I did dream about him after he passed. It was so beautiful. We met in a meadow full of color I can not even explain and he looked healthy. We hugged and he told me he was ok. My sister in law had the same dream the very same night. For awhile I heard the tapping every single day and welcomed it. It has been awhile since I have experienced anything. It makes me feel sad. I want to know how to open this gift. How I can become what I am supposed to be and feel that optimistic feeling of love. I also want to also learn more about healing. I have read some of Sylvia Browne’s books and inspires me.
I can always remember having these feelings since I was very young. When I was in 3rd grade, I am now 40, I saw an orb in my room of an old farm house we lived in. It was very large and round. Slowly moving up and down my wall. It did not scare me because at first I thought it was my brothers playing a trick on me. I looked around everywhere. I was on the 2nd story so they could not be outside my window. I looked up at the ceiling..nothing. I just laid on my mattress and watched it until I fell asleep. I never saw it ever again. I will say after awhile that house really gave me the creeps.
I would not even enter it alone ever. I would try to sneak in my parents bedroom and sleep on the floor…until I smelled flowers on my mom’s side of the bed. I never went in there again.
So, my question is what gift might this be and how do I open it and use it do good?


Greetings:  You have the ability to sense the departed.  It seems that the ability fully releases itself in your dream state.  If you can quell your fear and get some training I believe that you will be able to develop this gift in your conscious state as well.  One thing that you can do is to get an apple and hold it feeling the shape and smoothness.  Smell the apple and imagine what it tastes like, and pay close attention to the color and detail of it.  Just before you go to bed.
Place the apple where you can see it while lying down, and relax.  In your mind count backwards from 99 to 1 slowly.  You will lose count the first couple of times but no matter.  Just try to relax, and count.  When you fall asleep, in your dreams, see if you can find the apple, and when you do quietly pick it up, and say to your self calmly.  “I am dreaming”.  Look from the apple while still holding it and see what you can see.  When you wake up write what you have seen.

This is a good start.  If you seed training and cannot find adequate teachers.  Let me know as I train and develop psychics, and telepathists.  Peace.

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