Seriously! Should we not be petrified of any supernatural encounter no matter how innocent or familiar it seemed to be?  I read in the Bible that Satan is the master deceiver and more subtle than any other creature!  Who am I to mess with that?? It seems like playing with nitroglycerin or some strain of incurable plague ya know?   Like just one teensy mistep and your dead! I have no doubt whatsoever that very real encounters are possible but even as a child knowing nothing I had a natural fear of such …I think natural is the right term too as somehow we all initially sense great danger. And HOW could I trust any person that tries to dissuade me of my fear?  People let people down all the time! Would we let someone do brain surgery we don’t need, because it MIGHT be interesting or beneficial?  See my points?


Greetings:  No.  Your points are based on what you read and your fear is your own. We should not be afraid of paranormal encounters at all.  What we should be wary of is people that use religion to spread fear and paranoia based on a book that has absolutely no way of proving that it is qualified to be called the word of God.  You see there are people that like the ability to control and threatening others into doing their will by killing stealing and destroying in the name of a God that is also portrayed as being “benevolent”, and then using words like Satan, hell, deceiver, and torment in order to do the very thing that is blatantly against the character of that very same God as if an almighty diety needs us to be afraid.  

If we should be afraid of paranormal encounters as you say.  Then what you are also saying is that we should also fear God, angels, and Jesus themselves right?  Did it not dawn on you that the bible could also be a massive deception in and of itself, and therefore an instrument of the devil?  Did you forget that it was written by men?  That according to the bible we are sinners just because?  Then you also forgot that most of the stories were hand picked by scholars, and not by those that did in fact follow the will of God.  It is this kind of short sighted thinking that led to the massacre of hundreds of thousands of people simply because they were more talented, smarter, more beautiful, or less beautiful, freckled, brown skinned, pink skinned, yellow, white, red and black skinned, taller shorter etc.  Most of these were women, and why?  Because they were known as being powerful, free and able to see with the eyes that God gave them, because of their vision they were told that they were evil and worked for the devil, so they could not speak, or do anything other than what the men said that they could and then told that they had to be subservient and second class or God would burn them, and then they were burned anyway.

 Interestingly enough the first people, male and female were called Adam, and were made equal, even though in the same fable there is another rendition later. I say fable because no one can tell me who was there writing at the time of the conception of earth.  look it up.  

I say thee nay.  We should not fear, but should learn to deal with the paranormal, and the normal.  Besides it was God/ Goddess that gave me my gifts, and God/Goddess that I serve.  People that want us to be afraid are indeed and truth the ones serving satan as it is he that is the father of fear and paranoia as far as I know.  God is NOT the author of fear.  

People use Christianity to judge and brutalize every day and then say that it is in the name of Jesus, and if we don’t accept him as lord and savior then we will burn in flames of woe.  I doubt seriously that Jesus has to stop ALL that he is doing to beat up and bully us.  Jesus has always been my role model and even before I learned of the bible I knew of him, and must remind you that there has never been a more powerful mystic than he, and he dealt with the paranormal on a daily basis, or do you not count providing food, healing the sick, resurrection, walking on water,exorcising demons, RAISING FROM THE DEAD!!! as paranormal?  Oh!  He was also NOT a CHRISTIAN..  

I was wondering when someone was going to come along and play judge.  It is a shame that there are still people that refuse to open their eyes when it is God himself that is the light…

Remember..  God has more to do than sit around and pick on us.  If you like your fear, fine.
Just don’t expect that it is God, or Jehovah, Allah, Addonai, el shaddai, Ahura Mazda, Elohim that endorses it.  That would be Satan.

As long as God is God I will not fear, and neither should you.   Peace.

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