Okay, this is really hard to explain, but, I need some answers.
For years now, i’ve had that feeling of being watched, it’s constant, and something i’ve gotten used to. In the past year more things have happened. Weirdly, it would happen when I was in the shower, things would move from where I set them, and a couple times, things even were thrown, into the shower curtain from the other end. The door was locked so I know it was no one playing a prank. Even that, I dismissed as me imagining things. The things that have happened more recently are what i’m really wondering about. By the edge of my bed, every night, I see a tall dark figure, just standing there, watching me. BUT. the thing is. I don’t see it with my eyes, it’s more my mind? If that makes sense. But, everytime I go to lay down to sleep, I see it in the same spot in my head. Nothing is clear about this figure. Its just a black tall massed figure.
If I am alone in the house, and i’m walking to my room, I always feel like something is RIGHT behind me, following me, sometimes it even “catches me.” in my mind. I have no mental issues or anything. Maybe i’m just crazy, but it definitely feels like something, is after me, day after day. I can’t even be in my room in the dark, alone anymore. I have to wait until my boyfriend comes back in until i’m comfortable in here in dark. I was never afraid of the dark or anything until all this started. Anything you can tell me, would be so appreciated! Thank you!


Greetings Jewel.  Please give me a call.  Thursday is good.  I can get it off of your back.

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