I have recently been experiencing some odd dreams. I have had a history of having precognition while dreaming and while awake but never anything of this sort.
Often times, I will go to bed with nothing in particular in mind. Generally, I don’t sleep enough and I am the kind of person who has to hit the snooze button several times. But as of late, I have been known to wake up at early hours (which is out of character), completely refreshed (also out of character), and feeling a little worried or sensing I have many responsibilities (paying car bills, going to work, missing an appointment, etc). While I can usually calm myself down and remind myself that I do not have these responsibilities, it does not stop this from happening. On rare occasion I have woken up and viewed and physically felt as if I was in someone else’s room. I also seemed to adopt all the worries this person had as well, involving beating the traffic in roder to get to school (I live on campus).

The most interesting experience I had involved me waking up in another room to a young woman calling my name. I could see my body and recognized that it was a male (i’m female) of a different ethnicity. It wasn’t until I lifted my body from the bed and put my feet on the ground, that I realized that I was not the man in my “dream”. Even more recently I have seen this man in my dreams. It feels as though he is telling me something very important but when I wake up I can never remember it. His eyes, voice, and a few words have been hard for me to forget. Often times, if I try to recall them I feel a sense of sadness or longing.

The dreams I’m having are rather worrisome to me not because they feel like a reoccurring dreams (messages vary) but that it feels as if I am stuck/can’t escape and the sense of responsibility (that I don’t share) or longing gets worse. These dreams are also from my point of view (I’m either the guy or myself, but he is always the man character), when generally my normal dreams are omni-pres. The last time this happened, as I rose from my bed, I could have sworn I heard him yell his message even louder and urge me not to go. By this time, I was fully awake and could still see his face.  It quickly vanished and variations of this situation has continued to happen.
I know the man who continues to speak and continually appear in my dreams  but we are not extremely close. Do you feel as if this is a normal dream or an attack? What is going on here?


Greetings:  I do not think that it is an attack.  I think that you are experiencing a psychic connection, and that the both of your energies are reaching out to each other, perhaps based on a passed life acquaintance.  This happens quite frequently.  Try not to over think it as it will indeed pass.  Let me know if you have this dream experience again.  Peace.

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