I was sitting in a nice restaurant with one of my best friends when (as we were talking about an experience involving someone with a not so nice personality) I got the smell of sewage/sulfur so bad my eyes were watering. My friend was like “What is WRONG with you”?? I was practically gagging on the smell. I looked around and everyone was just eating normally so I immediately pretended like nothing was wrong. This happened again very strongly while walking out of another restaurant and a man made eye contact with me (with a mean spirited look) and walked past me into the door and I smelled the same odor.  It was horrific and again the person with me at the time looked at me like I was crazy. I just looked in the store at the man thinking…God what are you into…was my first thought. I’ve looked everywhere for an answer to this. I saw your answer about the question someone had re: fresh bakery smells in their kitchen.
Thank you for your help and thoughts.


Greetings:  Sorry for the delay.  The person that you had the olfactory experience about was a person with extremely bad energy.  I would suggest not eating there or any other place that you feel suspicious about.  Long ago my teacher told me something that I will pass on to you.  The quickest way to get into the consciousness of a place is to eat your way in.  This includes the consciousness of a person as well.  You eat the food, you eat the thought.  So trust your nose and be careful.  The sulfur smell was because he is harboring an evil energy.  Sometimes it could be bad magic practices.  In his case it is definitely evil if it was sulfur that you smelled.  Let me know if you experience this again.  I may not get to you right away, but I will get to you.  Peace

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