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Hello Ahura, I’ve been discovering scratches on my legs since a couple weeks ago. At first I though I must have just scratched my leg, but last night while I was in the shower I noticed two more. They’re about one inch long and have scabbed. I never wear anything that shows my legs and have no memory of getting the scratches. I’ve also found a couple bruises, which I don’t remember getting. they look like cat scratches, maybe a little thicker. I believe in the paranormal and have experienced it before in the same house I’m living in and others. But this is the first time experiencing it in the room I’m sleeping in. I used to be in a different room, and woke up to a slap on my head, heard voices, book pages turning, and sometimes saw ghostly figures at night. That was when I was younger, then I begged my grandmother to switch rooms and stopped having problems. Then all of the sudden I’m waking up with scratches. I don’t have any Tarot Cards or a Ouija Board. But I have been practicing Runes. I would really appreciate it if you would help with an explanation. And I have thought about blessing the house, which I may do. Thank you.


Greetings:  I do strongly suggest before you get a house blessing that you get a cleaning performed first.  You must banish the angry energy that is attacking you.  I say energy because I believe that this is something that is attached to the house.  Once the spirit has been extracted, then you should get a blessing for the house, but remember to ask someone that knows what they are doing.  Let me know if I can help further.  Peace.  Ahura Z.

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