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How does a person know if their loved ones are around them. I lost my mother in 1994 very suddenly. She was 59 and died of a blood clot. Why can’t I smell her or my father for that matter (he died in 2009). I smelled my mother-in-law recently out of the blue (like 3 different times). Guess I just miss them so much that i WANT to feel or smell their presents.


Greetings:  Write a letter to your parents.  Address it and seal it with proper postage as if you are going to mail it to them.  Burn it, and collect the ashes.  Take the ashes to the nearest body of moving water and while thinking of yourself sitting with them, cast the ashes over the water.  Wait there until the wind carries the scent of them, and then walk away.  You will receive a visitation.  Peace.

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