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I honestly don’t even know what my questions is because I’m so freaked out.  Last night while my husband and myself were in bed, we heard the voice of our oldest son at our bedroom door.  It said goodnight.  My husband and I both set up to tell him to go to bed but no one was there.  My husband immediately got up out of bed and checked in our son’s room.  Our son was sound asleep.  I was immediately creeped out.  I tried to rationalize what happened with maybe our son was talking in his sleep but he would have yell for us to hear him and it would have echoed through the hall.  I also thought maybe he was at our door and then ran to his room so he didn’t get into trouble.  But if that were the case, we would have heard him running.  I am completely freaked out.  I made my husband go get my son out of his bed and put him in our bed because I was that freaked out.  As I said before, I don’t know what my question is really.  I’m just completely scared to be in our house.  I cant come up with a rational answer for what happened last night.  Do you have any suggestions or have you heard of others this has happened to?  Am I flipping out for no reason?


Greetings.  Nothing to be alarmed about.  The fact that the voice was your sons means that he more than likely left his body temporarily and appeared at your door, and said good night.  
This happens often with children.  If it was in another voice you might have a reason for concern.  
perhaps a half an hour before bed, give him a small snack.  That will keep him grounded, and it should not happen again.  Let me know if I can help further.  Peace.

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