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My husband was brutally murdered a year ago, and have had many signs he is around. So I contacted a medium, for a reading. She came to my home, and instead of giving me a reading, she told me my home was full of dark spirits, some of which have caused me to think of suicide. So she cleansed the house and left. Since then, things have been happening, such as feelings of dread, extreme anxiety for both myself and my dog, who will sit and shake for no reason. Then I felt something behind me, and felt breath on my neck. But the worst occurence was when my back was scratched. And to make it worse, I no longer feel my husband’s presence here anymore. It seems the house clearing pushed him out and angered the other spirits. I have been living in fear for the past few days since this medium was here. Ive become extremely depressed and cannot sleep. Everything was fine prior to the house clearing. What can I do to remove the dark entities and invite my husband’s spirit back in?


The medium left something behind.  Listen.  When a person comes to do a reading for you, thats all that they should do.  That person was not an exorcist, nor was she qualified to perform a cleansing as she is a medium.  A medium is a go between, and is always in danger of being invaded.

The sad part is that she may have indeed caused the good spirits to leave and invited bad ones to you.  Please call me, and I will give you a method to re invite your good spirits back, and oust the bad ones.  In the mean time.  Please get rid of anything that the medium left you, or gave you.  Make sure that it is out of your home and off of your property, and never invite her again.  Peace.

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