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Good day,

I truly hope you can help!  Since a young age I’ve always been petrified of the dark – it seems to get worst the older I get.  The reason for my fear stems from a shadow figure which I have seen on numerous occasions, but the most common “event” is this: I would switch of the lights in the house as I get ready to go to bed, and all the way to my bedroom it will feel as if something is right behind me and getting ready to grab me with it’s claws – yes, I distinctly feel that it is claws that will grab me.

I have always been able to feel the presence of spirits, but it has never freaked me out or made me feel uncomfortable, it just is what it is.

As for this shadow “figure”, the times I have actually seen it, it appears as a very dark shadow in a corner of my room – not always the same corner – and it always feels like it’s lurking and watching me.

For a long time it seemed to go away, but recently my mother in law saw this figure very clearly, hovering right above her as she was in bed.  She described it as a darker than dark shadow figure, and she could see the figure had horns coming from it’s head. She could hear the figure say “call for the savior”. She pushed it away with her hands, and it did go away, but her hands where burning after that, as if she had burnt them on a stove. Also, as from the same night, my inexplicable fear of the dark has come back to haunt me, and I could feel that all familiar lurking/ being watched sensation once again.

My mother in law has always had the gift to hear and see spirits, so she also has never been scared of them (she just sometimes complains that they talk so loudly that she can’t sleep and then laughs it off), but this “thing/demon/figure/what ever you want to call it” has her very scared.

My husband and I have since tried to figure out what this thing is, but we really can’t find anything that matches our experiences.

What is this thing?  What does it want?  and more importantly, how do we get rid of it or at least get it to stop?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Kind Regards,
Celeste and family.


Greetings:  This is a rare event.  Your extreme fear has evidently been like a dinner bell to many astral entities.  Its as if they know where to go for energy, and your fear delivers every time, (sorry to sound so dramatic, but it is the truth).  You must learn to quell your fear of the dark.  Your fear is evidently so tangible that has actually reached a manifestation level.
It will not only affect you but others as well that have any intuitive ability.  Trained and focused this could be what is called an enhancing ability.  What I mean by this is that you would enhance the ability of those around you that have any form of psychism.  The problem here is that you enhance those that are intangible.  We must switch this, so that you enhance your physical world instead.

That being said.  I want you to light candles in the corners of your room where you see the entities, and leave a cap full of a mixture of vinegar and seasalt in each corner of your home, (please make sure that the candles are safe).  They must be white unscented candles.  This will cut down the emanation.  Call me please so that we can discuss training for Psychic self defense.  Let me know how you do in a week of following my instruction.   Peace.

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