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I have been experiencing things I do not understand at all. One particular incident is the feeling of dread when I pass a certain house. If my husband is driving and I am napping, I always awake with a start when we get near the house. My heart races, it feels as if I can’t breath, and I feel a great pressure on my chest. It is an extremely scary feeling. Throughout my life I have experienced strange occurrences. I would often either see incidents before they happened or I would have a dream (those dreams seemed so meaningless) about a place I had never seen, but would see quite some time later. Once, when I was young, I saw the figure of a Civil War nurse walking across a field behind my parents’ home. Is there any way to control these happenings? Can you explain what is happening to me? I would appreciate any help with this matter. The experiences are occurring more frequently, and I have no where else to turn.



Hi Heather.  The experiences that you are having are due to the dimensional walls that separate us from the “spirit world” if you will becoming thinner.  The reasons for this occurance could be many things but in my opinion the recent “natural” disasters that have caused random sink holes and massive earthquakes have contributed to etheric rips in the very fabric of earths atmosphere.  Now while this seems very sci fi it is indeed true.  The fact that you can see what you see is a testament to this.  First.

You must not be frightened.  You fear acts like fuel to the event that you are experiencing.  There have always been spirits, and ghosts and there will always be.  It is time for you to train this ability in yourself so that you can understand what they are trying to get through to you.

I think that what causes you to react so is that you have a real connection to the events that you are seeing.  Perhaps one of the ghosts that you are seeing is, or was you.  We must consider all possibilities, and I think that you have a rare opportunity to do so.
If you want to control when you see these events, you are going to have to learn to accept that you have a gift, and that it is not a bad thing.

When you have made the decision to learn how to develop yourself, let me know.  I teach in person and via internet.  Peace.

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