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ok for several years i have been having alot of paranormal experiances. a couple of days ago i had a dream tha ti was talking to a black shadow tha twas laying next to me in bed. the next morning my aunts told me that i got up at 3 am and was talking to somone and went outside and it was cold outside. i later came in and yelled hello, anyone home! then locked up the doors and went to bed, lol crazy huh? i haven’t slept walked since i was a kid. The next night at 3 am i woke up and the cross that is hanging on the wall a few feet away from me was laying next to me. i got up and hung it on the wall and went back to sleep. i woke up again because i heard a loud noise. My cousin woke up too and he got up and the cross was laying on the floor which is ten feet awat from the wall by a closet that the door keeps opening up on occasion. What do you think? i have been looking for answers for years and i really can;t find any. I have heard them call my name or say hi or hey many times when i am alone. i have had a door slam shut when i got really mad one time and i have had something try to pull me off the bed two years ago. Any help u can give would be nice. Thank you

Interesting. This sounds like one of two things.

1. Unconscious schizophrenia. This is something that happens when one develops an alternate personality that only emerges when the person either sleeps, or is in an extreme state of agitation. Now, now. I realize that this sounds like schizophrenia actual, but it is different in the way that it happens while the person is completely aware of another whole conscious state. In other words. the person in question may think that they are reading a book quietly, but in actuality they have just thrown something across the room. To the conscious personality this action expresses itself as a loud bang on the wall, or another sound, wondering how it happened. When you sleep. Perhaps film yourself, or have someone else set up a camera without you knowing where it is, and see what happens.

2. You are experiencing an astral “twin” that is angry that you have a body and it does not. This often happens when there was supposed to be a twin birth, but physically one absorbs the other in utero.

In other words it is your astral brother, or sister that is plaguing you because it is alive but you have the body. It wants to be acknowledged which is why even when you seemingly speak to someone that is not there you are still comfortable, and cooperative. This can also explain the times that seem like you are living another life as when you cane in and yelled, “is anyone home”. Try this. When you are calm, and conscious, speak to the personality and see if there is a reason that it lashes out. Ask if there is something that you can do to help them find peace. Write everything that he/she says and contact me, or a Metaphysician in your area. Peace.

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