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More Ask the Unicorn episodes on BlogTalkRadio Download MOBI file (Kindle) Download EPUB file (other e-readers) Download PDF file Ask the Unicorn Live – Episode 6 Airdate 11/06/13 Blog Talk Radio (“Zwingin” by Ahura Z. Diliiza plays) Announcer: You’re listening to Ask The Unicorn Live with Ahura Z. Diliiza, answering all your paranormal, metaphysical and spiritual questions. Call us now at (718) 664-9638 to speak with Ahura or post your […]

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In this post for Ask The Unicorn, Ahura Z addresses the question, “How effective is ‘smudging’?” If you have a question or subject you would like to have Ahura Z address on Ask The Unicorn please visit http://asktheunicorn.com/ask-a-question/

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This question was asked and answered via Ahura Z’s page on AllExperts.com. Question: I had my brother n law sage my house; as I was seeing some shadowy thing in a certain corner. The sage burned and smoked everywhere in the house but that corner. The sage would only burn but would not smoke. What does this mean? Thank you Answer: Greetings.  There are two possibilities.  You got bad sage, […]

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