In this episode Ahura addressed astrology; reiki attunement vs. real healing; the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of smudging in a haunted house; astral emenations and keeping negativity out of the home and how to protect your energy, belongings and home; someone in need of a paranormal investigation; emotionalism and banishing negative energy and how to screen a good paranormal investigator; religion, the gospel and many ways to finding God; therapeutic […]

More Ask the Unicorn episodes on BlogTalkRadio Download MOBI file (Kindle) Download EPUB file (other e-readers) Download PDF file Ask the Unicorn Live – Episode 6 Airdate 11/06/13 Blog Talk Radio (“Zwingin” by Ahura Z. Diliiza plays) Announcer: You’re listening to Ask The Unicorn Live with Ahura Z. Diliiza, answering all your paranormal, metaphysical and spiritual questions. Call us now at (718) 664-9638 to speak with Ahura or post your […]

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In this post for Ask The Unicorn, Ahura Z addresses the question, “How effective is ‘smudging’?” If you have a question or subject you would like to have Ahura Z address on Ask The Unicorn please visit Questions may be sent using the form below to be answered on the next episode of Ask the Unicorn. Ahura will answer most questions about metaphysics, the paranormal or spirituality including questions about personal […]

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This question was asked and answered via Ahura Z’s page on Question: I had my brother n law sage my house; as I was seeing some shadowy thing in a certain corner. The sage burned and smoked everywhere in the house but that corner. The sage would only burn but would not smoke. What does this mean? Thank you Answer: Greetings.  There are two possibilities.  You got bad sage, […]

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