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Question: I was laying in bed this morning and noticed 1-3 inch streaks of light on my right chest. My husband looked over and was shocked. He began touching my chest and with every touch small zigzag streaks would disperse across my skin. We turned on the light, discussed it and than turned the light off and laid down. It began happening again it started with pulses of light on […]

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Question: Hello Ahura, As far as I can remember, my sis sis has been getting nightmares for several months and tells me she can’t sleep with her door open.  If the door is open while she’s sleeping, she sees a man with a hat (black hat I think) standing there.  I can’t remember the details but paranormally speaking, all I know that could be causing it is the time she […]

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Question: It was my birthday back in July 13th and I was gifted a Parker brothers ouiji board. My friends and I all skeptics (expect one who didnt partake in the entertainment) used it throughout the night. It started off with nothing until around 3-4am things got weird. The board never spelled anything that made sense random words and numbers “88” and “66” were common numbers and the word “leviathan”? […]

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