In this episode, Ahura answered the following questions (the numbers indicate where in the video the questions were asked): 3:55 Describe the love in your heart at the moment you read this. I don’t know why, but this is what came to me at around noon central time today. 6:01 I heard a bell ringing a couple nights ago at 12:05 a.m. just outside of my room. I was the […]

In this episode Ahura addressed astrology; reiki attunement vs. real healing; the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of smudging in a haunted house; astral emenations and keeping negativity out of the home and how to protect your energy, belongings and home; someone in need of a paranormal investigation; emotionalism and banishing negative energy and how to screen a good paranormal investigator; religion, the gospel and many ways to finding God; therapeutic […]

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Ahura Z on BlogTalkRadio Below is the full transcript for this episode. Download MOBI file (Kindle) Download EPUB file (other e-readers) Download PDF file Ask the Unicorn Live – Episode 5: Exorcism and Psychic Self-Defense Airdate 10/30/13 Blog Talk Radio (“Zwingin” by Ahura Z. Diliiza plays) Announcer: You’re listening to Ask The Unicorn Live with Ahura Z. Diliiza, answering all your paranormal, metaphysical and spiritual questions. Call us now at […]

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Question: BHi, I am trying to help my wife and children. They are seeing shadows or a shadowy figure in our home. I THINK I have seen it, but I passed it off as a figment of my imagination. My daughter is pregnant and she said she has seen this on quite a few occasions. The last time was night before last. She saw like a shadowy head keep peeking […]

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Question: Hello. I am a stay home mom of two girls, one 2 and the other 6. My husband and I have been living in a rented home for over a year. The home is about 20 yrs. old. We had never experienced anything strange, that is until recently. About 2 weeks ago I began experiencing a “burnt” smell (not cigarette, none of us are smokers and we don’t have […]

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Question: I am a sensitive and am part of a group of sensitives. We conduct paranormal investigations. We have been together as a team for 2 years and up until recently the recordings we got friendly. As of late it seems the spirits know us and are expecting us. The evp’s we have captured are not nice, push them, touch them, kill them, etc. We drink holy water in spring […]

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