In this episode, Ahura answered the following questions (the numbers indicate where in the video the questions were asked): 3:55 Describe the love in your heart at the moment you read this. I don’t know why, but this is what came to me at around noon central time today. 6:01 I heard a bell ringing a couple nights ago at 12:05 a.m. just outside of my room. I was the […]

More Ask the Unicorn episodes on BlogTalkRadio Download MOBI file (Kindle) Download EPUB file (other e-readers) Download PDF file Ask the Unicorn Live – Episode 6 Airdate 11/06/13 Blog Talk Radio (“Zwingin” by Ahura Z. Diliiza plays) Announcer: You’re listening to Ask The Unicorn Live with Ahura Z. Diliiza, answering all your paranormal, metaphysical and spiritual questions. Call us now at (718) 664-9638 to speak with Ahura or post your […]

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Question: My friend has had a few accouters with something holding him down in his sleep, one time he was able to see a dark shadow with red eyes. This happen to him a few times in different houses he live at.His Mother brought it up to me as his phantom haunting him. I study little on unexplainable things in the past and had a few encounters myself in the […]

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Question: Hi friend, at 1:30this morning when i went to the bathroom, a clock just fell off the wall in the adjacent room. It startled me and some family members. The adjacent room where this happened is fully decorated with rekigious items, a cross and our bible. In our house there is a couple going thru marital issues. Our house is about 7 blocks from where our deceased aunt is […]

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Question: Hello, I want to apologize in advance for such a very long detailed explanation of what I am experiencing at home. I wanted to make sure I included everything I can think of in order for you to be able to better help me. I feel like I’m going crazy with fear. I’m a married stay home mom of two girls. we have been living at a rental home […]

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Question: When I was younger, my mother and I would see dark shadows floating in our home. My mother used oil and prayed over our home and eventually the dark shadows quit reappearing. Recently we had a family gathering at my cousins house. After looking at the pictures we could see abnormal lights around certain family members. Nearly every picture that had these family members in it contained circles and […]

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