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In tonight’s episode Ahura Z addressed the subject of exorcism from the point of view of a professional exorcist and also spoke about psychic self-defense. He answered questions sent in during the week by listeners and also from live callers during the show about possession, dark entities, sleep paralysis, protecting oneself from negative energy, Holy Water, and many others. He answered questions from a girl who’s boyfriend who is haunted […]

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Question: I have what I think is a demon attacking us every night and we can’t stop it. In short, I bought an antique lamp I watched for a year, drawn to it. Finally it overwhelmed me so I HAD to have it. Turns out it was wicked and I was told to take it back and if I heard a knock on the door don’t open it. It tricked […]

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Question: A few nights a week I wake up with scratches in random places on my body. My legs/ thighs, my back, my chest, etc usually just one episode at a time. In most cases I have no feeling of the scratches until I take a bath, then they are noticed as water gets to the affected parts then they sting and itch throughout the day. They are usually 3-4 […]

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Question: okay so i wake up sometimes with weird cuts on me not like gashes but like little long or short cuts like a paper cut or like a light slash from a razor this has been going on since i could remember my dad and mom gets them too also my brother, plus have been getting weird scary pedophile like thoughts that i hate. also in my room when […]

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Question: I’m pretty sure my son’s room has some kind of portal or dimensional vortex for negative enteties to access. I am learning about energies I currently work with radiestisia and radionics. My children are very sensitive to these energies and it is because of them that I have been drawn to this field. I could use your help in diagnosing what is actually in this room and how to […]

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