Question: The first time I saw a dark figure I was outside around 3am. I was smoking a cig and for a brief moment closed my eyes and saw a dark silhouette towards the end of my road under the street light, freaked out I went inside and did not come out again. A few weeks later I was outside again roughly around the same time when I closed my […]

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Question: I have a question about my daughter but will give some history about me first. I have seen shadow people and very bad spirits or whatever they are since I can remember. Once I turned about 18 it slowed down a lot. I still see a lot of shadow people, and I hear strange voices occasionally, but about 4 months my daughter had a few episodes were she was […]

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Question: I think I may be psychic.  Can I learn how to enhance my psychic abilities? Answer: I think that one of the biggest disservices that any psychic can do is to subject their intuitive ability to the judgment, and scrutinization of others.  Science likes to say that you need proof in this area, but you cannot ascertain the existence of that which is unconventional, by conventional means, or technology.  […]

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Question: I have feeling that I believe maybe make me a sensitive. I get the creeps or heavy feeling, negative like I can sense danger or not to go beyond the point that I am. People too..I can sense if they are evil this has even happened to me while I was in church. A man sat beside my husband, me and my daughter he had black eyes, no expression […]

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Question: Seriously! Should we not be petrified of any supernatural encounter no matter how innocent or familiar it seemed to be?  I read in the Bible that Satan is the master deceiver and more subtle than any other creature!  Who am I to mess with that?? It seems like playing with nitroglycerin or some strain of incurable plague ya know?   Like just one teensy mistep and your dead! I have […]

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This question was asked and answered via Ahura Z’s page on Question: Hello, First: Lately I have been getting this dizziness that “floods” my vision with blues and greens, and sounds like I have water in my ears. My mom took me to various eye doctors, but they can’t find anything. Also I have been seeing these blue sparks that I learned was called prana, while also seeing reds […]

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