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Question: So I’m kind of afraid to ask this for fear it might be stupid. But I’ve been having very vivid nightmares that consist of very old type houses, always in a past generation such as the 40’s-60’s and such. I’m never in the nightmare. It’s like I’m watching it, they present themselves kind of like a movie. But I can feel the fear. They always have families in them. […]

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Question: I have always seen shadows and can hear muffled voices but can’t make out what,they are sayng but my daughter is now seeing the same shadow man that I have been seeing at night.  He usually just stands at my doorway watching me sleep and she says that she seea this same man at the end of her bed.  I am not a sure what to do as he […]

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Question: Dear Ahura Z, I am interested in your opinion regarding pendulum dowsing. I have been on a spiritual journey that involves exploring and developing my intuition, finally, and recently I began using a seemingly strong quartz crystal pendulum (that I properly cleansed and charged before use and feel strongly attracted to) to explore and practice. My husband and I got on the topic of buying lottery tickets (I asked […]

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Question: I think I may be psychic.  Can I learn how to enhance my psychic abilities? Answer: I think that one of the biggest disservices that any psychic can do is to subject their intuitive ability to the judgment, and scrutinization of others.  Science likes to say that you need proof in this area, but you cannot ascertain the existence of that which is unconventional, by conventional means, or technology.  […]

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Question: I have feeling that I believe maybe make me a sensitive. I get the creeps or heavy feeling, negative like I can sense danger or not to go beyond the point that I am. People too..I can sense if they are evil this has even happened to me while I was in church. A man sat beside my husband, me and my daughter he had black eyes, no expression […]

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