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More Ask the Unicorn episodes on BlogTalkRadio Download MOBI file (Kindle) Download EPUB file (other e-readers) Download PDF file Ask the Unicorn Live – Episode 6 Airdate 11/06/13 Blog Talk Radio (“Zwingin” by Ahura Z. Diliiza plays) Announcer: You’re listening to Ask The Unicorn Live with Ahura Z. Diliiza, answering all your paranormal, metaphysical and spiritual questions. Call us now at (718) 664-9638 to speak with Ahura or post your […]

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Question: A few nights a week I wake up with scratches in random places on my body. My legs/ thighs, my back, my chest, etc usually just one episode at a time. In most cases I have no feeling of the scratches until I take a bath, then they are noticed as water gets to the affected parts then they sting and itch throughout the day. They are usually 3-4 […]

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Question: My 2 year old little boy over the past 2 weeks has started seeing things that frighten him into shock. He clings to me so hard he leaves marks. He hasn’t seen a scary movie, or even an action movie for that matter. The first time he saw something was at his nanas house on their outside porch in the top left corner. He was screaming, and crying and […]

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Question: Blessed greetings Mr. Diliza, this is very synchronistic to find your website. Your posts and more so your presence have attracted me and if feel comfortable to post you a question. As well, I found much interest in your teachings and will be looking closer at your gift and offerings. Blessings to you and the path you are on in service to others. Back to the question, I have […]

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Question:  i feel that their is something evil in my house. by feeling its like their are all these figures around me and i have no room to breathe. whats in my home? is it evil? and am i psychic cause i feel that i can sense things without knowing why. Answer: Greetings, and sorry for the delay. Your house needs to be cleansed. Everyone is at least a little […]

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