In this episode Ahura answered the following questions: 6:11 I was laying in bed a few nights ago in the same room as my father due to my bed being broken. From in front of the bed, a loud medium range stream of bells started ringing. We both woke up and heard it. I did some research and they apparently signal the coming of death. I am so scared I […]

In this episode of Ask the Unicorn Ahura answered the following questions: 20:54 Why would it be important to some, to open a portal to the fourth heaven? 22:09 Could you give us your general feelings about sensing energies from physical locations? Not energies involving people, energies involving the actual place. 32:37 How does one stay positive with all the events of the last few days? 38:10 I recently produced […]

In this episode Ahura talked about emotions and empathy; people who tell you they had a dream where you died; giving bad news; relationships and marriage; soul mates; sharing a person’s heritage: telepathy; classes in metaphysics. He also answered the following questions: 3:29 I tend to receive others’ feelings and broadcast mine, especially when experiencing strong emotions. What is the best way to filter incoming, and block myself from sending […]

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In this week’s episode Ahura talked about racism and ethnic actors in film; mars going direct; dreams; Mars retrograde; schizophrenia; astral attachment; mirror magic and classes through his school Unicorn Cove School of Metaphysics. He also answered the following questions (time stamp indicates the place you can find the question in the video): 3:56 Is it possible to actually see spirits or ghosts or whatever you call them, and have […]

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We had some technical difficulties in the beginning as Kazi’s computer spontaneously decided to reboot so she wasn’t able to receive questions right away. But it cleared up eventually. In this episode Ahura addressed the following questions: 13:43 What do you perceive is the reason for the downfall of the African continent? 25:30 I don’t have a real spiritual/metaphysical issue I need help with, but wanted to ask Z if […]

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In this episode, Ahura discussed current politics; racism; positivity and light; “waking up”, cosmic octopus; Mars; empaths; dream interpretation; the meaning of metaphysics; exercise; prophetic dreams; extra terrestrials; remote viewing; the rapist with the decreased prison sentence; programming of women. He also answered the following questions (the numbers indicate where in the video the questions were asked): 6:05 Dear Ahura, I often receive messages from various channels, it keep on […]

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