In this episode, Ahura answers the following questions.

Have you heard of the seal of Melchizedek? And if so, do it’s origins begin with Melchizedek or is it a creation of the Church of the Latter-Day Saints?

I’m driving with my parents to Delaware and a couple of hours ago, I saw a hawk fly from the left in and above and in front of the car. What message is being presented, brother?

We’ve been having someone come into the house, comes in our front door, walks straight past my door and into Trisha’s bedroom. And he’s tall and dark hair, …., not my brother and he disappears ….an then I hear a conversation going on. ….hear a voice sounded like her brother but did not look like him. So I walk into the room and nobody’s there, it’s just me. What is that?

I am in the process of writing a children’s book. I am planning a few things revolving around it in regards to helping children develop their gifts. Do you feel that the coming months is an appropriate time to help/contribute in this way?

Shen has a UFO dream where the UFO came over to their place and a few friends were over. She says, me and no one saw it and he was the only one who did see it and he says that the ship flew by really quick and by the window the ship it said N7 on it. He was wondering what that was surprised no one else saw it and woke up.

I feel I need a ceremony for closure. How does this work exactly or how would I go about doing this? Like when someone has passed.

I prefer werewolves to vampires, what about you?

Ever heard of selkies?

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