In this episode Ahura answered the following questions:

I have socially anxiety disorder and recently started to come off my meds and am experiencing fear and being watched. Is social anxiety disorder extrasensory and how can it be controlled without meds?

I went to a cementary this past Sunday and smelled decay at one plot. I came home and went for a nap and turned off all the electronics. When I woke up my TV was on a snowy channel I never use that input, shortly after I smelled the decay in my house. Could something have followed me back or is there something else here with me?

My friends and I use the Ouija board as teenagers. We were very ignorant to this, could this be causing the social anxiety disorder? Could something have come out and made my life very difficult?

All the feeling I’ve had lately leads me back to the Bible and I started to pray and ask for help. I then found your channel on Youtube, is this my prayer being answered or a fluke?

My question has to do with the star tarot card I drew when meeting you last year. I’ve had quite the spiritual journey since then. I assumed that I would win the lottery, but now I’ve been inspired to commit myself to business right here on my family farm. Do you think the star card is guiding me? Will my efforts be successful? Am I developing in the right direction?

The awakening that supposedly happened when the comet went by in 2013-2014, is the awakening still happening? Also, is there any truth to the planet Nibiru coming and causing chaos?

Asks if you have any new messages from the Great Mother?

How many years can the energy of a ouija board effect a person?

I once saw strings of white or clear light all through the sky, what was it I was looking at?

I asked about deja vu before, but I had a unique experience earlier today. I’m in the middle of a writing project, it’s sci fi/fantasy. I was writing and suddenly felt intense deja vu wave come over me about something impossible I saw inside my minds’ eye. What is deja vu called or what even is it when you recall something that couldn’t possibly have happened?

My ex said one reason she broke up with me was my lack of belief in Jesus. She’s a minister. Am I being punished for not believing in God? I give thanks to the universe for my gifts. I acknowledge the source. I don’t know how to feel really.

Question 21:01 cont., I pushed energy through my arms by the power of the Holy Father etc. It flung the thing away from me and it was if something was stunned or knocked out. I was afraid and left the house and then had the lights strings.

Is there such a thing as soulmates? If so, will you be soulmates in all lifetimes?

If your drawn to certain song or message within said song, what does that mean? The song is the Pale, the group Within Temptation.

What information can I find on the Tiki?


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