In this episode Ahura answered the following questions:

I read a book in which they say dreams can also be demonic or prophetic. How does one know when a dream is of which type?

My friend and I went hiking a few days ago and we were in the woods and spotted a heron with it’s wings outstretched and it appeared to be sun bathing. Do you draw a reading from it Ahura?

Some friend of mine here is going through some stuff. He’s been losing sleep and having nightmares lately. He told me about a time he rented out an old house, somewhere, and whatever it was that haunted that place there he thinks it followed him. His friend said he saged the place and instead of banishing it he told it it could stay but not go into the bedroom with his wife. He was only renting the place, so he thought it was the right thing to do. I’m guessing that was years ago but he described the thing as having big hands and I think he said red eyes. He said he’s talked to it before, regular conversation dark overtones. I don’t want to fill the comment section, that’s pretty much the gist of it.

Why do I keep having the same dreams over and over. There are things that I dream about repetitively. One, a UFO flees at night out a window, like a car, a house, or a skyline and we put up curtains or dreams with E.T.’s. Two, I’m in a plane for a long period of time and it crashes, I feel the motion of going out of control. A cruise ship, and the ship sinks and I feel the boat rock/tilt. Three, orcas in a large pool and I feel to go in but afraid the pool is dirty and lots of dead dolphins. Last the pool is blue and I push my boyfriend in it. He couldn’t swim and sunk and resurfaced. Not being able to see, he was okay. I felt terrible recently. The dreams, they feel sad, they stay in the back…

Question 20:27 continued.

Do you guys have any special plans for the holidays?

About a week and a half ago, a red tailed hawk flew in front of the car, right in front of me, and swooped up and landed in a tree. I’ve only seen a red tailed hawk a couple times in my life and they were always around significant occurrences. Do you draw a meaning, Ahura?

I could use something to help my focus and recenter?

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