In this episode Ahura answered the following questions:

What do you think of children doing spells? I saw, once, a mother and a child at a book store picking out Harry Potter-type spell books.

About the paranormal researcher Ryan. He just went to jail for fraud and said to be on drugs etc. Do you feel he may have been taken by a bad entity?

A friend of mine lost her husband and I gave her a reading for, which went great. Her 4 yr old is having a hard time
accepting the fathers loss. Can you give me any tips on how to delicately, yet effectively explain where his father is in a way that he might understand?

I have a question about astral projection. Lots of my friends are doing it and they’re traveling around in the real-time zone. Is astral projection okay if you stay sort of on this planet in the astral realm? I know you said I was a traveler and I probably do that a lot in your sleep. I don’t quite understand astral projection.

What is the difference between astral travel and soul travel?

I feel like my healing gifts are dulling. How do I sharpen them? I am so tired in my spirit, super distracted.

Today is Momma’s birthday today. Is she cool? I barely made it through the day.


47:44 cont. I just miss her immensely.

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