In this episode Ahura answered the following questions:

Early this morning as I am fully awake, I hear loud bells in my apartment downstairs. It scared me a little, then I heard it again. I got up slowly to go across the hall to my roommates to see if it was her. But the room was dark and she was in the bed. I asked her, “Did you hear that?” and she says, “Hear what?” So I told her. Now she’s scared, so we both went downstairs but found nothing. What could this be?

Did you have a chance to look into the Mandela Effect? Interested in your thoughts.

I was freeing a mallard from being tangled in some kind of a line near a wall. He had been there for a few days. When I released him, he dropped his head into the muddy water like he wanted to die. I shooed him off to a female I saw nearby. She met him and they both started flapping their wings. Any thoughts?

Why is it that there are certain people we just don’t like, no matter what good you find in them, you just don’t like them.

How about healing? Is angelic healing different than only using human energies?

What are your thoughts on paranormal investigations? Any advice on staying safe?

Can I contact you privately?

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