In this episode Ahura answered the following questions:

What is the scariest investigation you’ve ever done?

What books would you recommend to learn shamanism? and can you talk more on the medulla oblongata?

Is there an obituary for our past life person? Also, if you have a dream of someone dying, is that a warning that they are going to die soon?

Have you been following Mandela effect phenomenon? Any thoughts on it? Thanks.

I’m having some anxiety focus issues due to work pressure. Can you please give me some quick exercises to control this?

I question numerology. Ever since unfathomable changes happened in my life, numbers in the sense of awareness of them, coming. It’s been two years now of constant numbers, like 1111, 222, 444, 555, 1234, etc., showing up several times a day every single day. Who or what is trying to get my attention? What can I do to say I’m here besides just saying it?

Did Scott Cunningham write psychic development books?

Is there some reason why walk-ins happened in 2014?

What is it when you see faces when you close your eyes before going to sleep?

What are your thoughts on what they would call Messiah seed?

I’m a spiritual women, at one point I lost faith, until one day I asked God to help me find it. That is when a beautiful man, Carlos, walked into my life. We had the most ultimate spirituality. We both felt, we keep breaking up trying hard to pull away but keep coming back. We have a few things in common. He has 8 uncles that are all priests. Was this fate or simple attraction? I want him out of my head and the I don’t. And I want to scream.

So, I’ve got a few questions about dream interpretation starting with my first one. I’ve had multiple dreams where I’ve had teeth of my own. I’ve heard that usually means anxiety or stress. Though I’ve had a dream where a person I loved had missing teeth. Could you interpret what that means? I really don’t what to make of it?

There was another dream on the same level on where they came out of nowhere dressed up in a military/navy uniform, sword and all that is clean white blue. I’ve tried looking it up myself and got nothing. It might just be me at the same time. It was nagging me. Is there special meaning to what they were wearing? P.S. They not part of the military at all.

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