In this episode Ahura answered the following questions:

Is there such a thing as an empty soul? For example, I met a person and of course he had a spirit in him/soul, but it was like he was empty container like a shell. Could you explain that?

Are some humans soulless, without a soul? My first thought was yes, it could be. I’d like to ask the Unicorn.

I have a question, not sure if it can be answered. I have pain in my stomach area and swelling. I have a scar about 8 inches long from my belly button up from a spleen aneurysm repair. Then a short time later a hernia repair ten years ago. I am fearing something is wrong again, perhaps another hernia. Is that something you can …?

Can a spirit or ghost reenter a human body and take over?

Can you explain again the correlation between Pisces and Neptune in a astrological sense?

Question from 22:57 continued. The next day my son went into his old bedroom to change and the door locked him in. He knew it was locked from the outside, I had to unlock it. Strange things are always happening here.

Can you talk about muses or where stories come from? Are fictional stories real somewhere maybe imagination?

Divine Law?

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