In this episode, Ahura answered the following questions:

This spring we had an abnormal amount of birds walking to and around our home. We have always had a good amount of birds, but it’s doubled now. They are not afraid of us. They hang out on our porch and have many nests. I feel like their presence is a beautiful sign that they are drawn to us. What are your thoughts?

I would like to ask why the moon and the lightening make the night experience extremely intense? What exactly am I anyways, as far as my experience?

Two butterflies flew in front of my car from right to left. One first, then approximately two seconds later a second one did. What is your perception as to what was being shown?

When you speak of your energy, is it a soul energy, things that we do or think and what not, that makes up our energy?

Question on orbs, do colors have different meanings? Is red necessarily negative?

Swarms of things up in the sky fly and crash into my car. It’s happened twice, birds and hornets. I get shown physical things repeatedly lately; bugs, unicorns, signs–I refer to them as angel signs–biting, stinging,
crashing into my car etc. It happens to my children now too. It is constant now. Is because I am a flame?

What movie most accurately depicts the visions of a seer?

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