In this episode, Ahura answered the following questions (the numbers indicate where in the video the questions were asked):

I personally don’t really like the superhero movies, but have you noticed many of the new series are about the supernatural people who are waking up. I think many of them seem to be very artistic.

How about Daredevil? Is the second season better?

Ahura, my future self, at age 35 has been communicating with me, sort of as a spirit guide, but I’ve been seeing him. What does this mean and can you expand on what is going on with this?

What about living in the now?

What’s the deal with Himalayan salt? Is it a fad? I’ve been seeing it sold as lamps.

I’m wondering if there is something in the background interfering and preventing me from any good luck. I’ve been trying for at least three years and not catching a break. I was wondering if there is a reason behind it? I feel like every time it looks clear ahead, like it’s going to work, something always happens to set me back further.

Is there any significance when you dream of going to certain places and later you find yourself dreaming it, later again? Almost like a continuation. For example, I dreamed that my girlfriend and I stayed at a nonexistent relatives’ house (she has no family) and months later had another dream of going to the same house again. I only remembered that I had dreamed of this place before.

Heath and I had birds fly into the window of our home today. Any type of an omen? There were three. I know sometimes things just happen, but just asking. Thanks Z!

What do you think of the whole Nibiru thing? It’s my latest fascination.

Charles Emmanuel Edwards is a spirit being and a leader of the Rastafarian movement and I have past life ties to him. He is truly a beautiful being and I feel close to him. Can you tell me, what is his relevance and message to me now? And is he going to incarnate into the form of my child?

Why is astral travel dangerous?

Is hollowed earth real?

I was driving in my car on the highway and a lot of times birds fly messages for me. However, I did have one fly into my windshield while I was driving. I wasn’t sure if it got harmed or not, didn’t see it drop, and I believe it flew away. What is the meaning of this?

Hi there! You spoke of acknowledging negative energy and getting rid of it. How do you do that?

I’ve had an experience where I transmuted a negative entity into a higher vibration energy entity. It was a powerful experience. Do you draw any significance or repeating of this?

What does it mean when you feel intense pain in a dream. For example, I had a terrifying dream a few months ago where I stabbed myself with glass. There was a giant one stuck in my wrist and I felt it as it was pulled out. I also felt rubbing alcohol and tape being put over it. I felt everything so much that I woke up and checked my body. I was in shock for a few minutes.

Is there any truth to the Urantia?

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