In tonight’s episode Ahura answered questions about the recent death of the musician Prince; “waking up” spiritually and insights regarding that; dimensional shift and personal evolution; stem cells and bringing a person back from “brain death” and the metaphysical implications of that; astral entity entering a physical body; practicing bonsai for focus and articulation (woman asking about her son); what is the creepiest paranormal thing Ahura has seen; fear and fear bodies; difference between ghosts and spirits; question about dogmen; question about energy centers/chakras; healing a broken heart; Santaria and revenge magic (and how it harms the practitioner); crystals that are good for grounding; question about how ghosts affect magnets; question about Ask the Unicorn is all about.

Ask the Unicorn is a live weekly paranormal/metaphysical webcast with Ahura Z. Diliiza, owner/headmaster of Unicorn Cove School of Metaphysics. For more information, showtimes and to ask your questions visit:

Specific questions and where to find them in the video:

What are your thoughts on Princes’ death?

Did you hear about the company being given ethical permission to try to use stem cells to revive those
that are brain dead? Apparently that just happened. What do you think the spiritual ramifications
would be, if they are able to?

…So we don’t need to worry about zombies quite yet?

What do you think about bonsai trees? I am going to be growing them with my son and I know that they
teach patience.

Have you seen anything paranormal that may have scared the “crap” out of you?

Do those dog-men exist? Is there a danger of walking in the woods from these creatures?

Could you give us some insight on health and chakras, energy and emotion relating to sickness?

As you know I was a victim of Santeria, can you explain for everyone what kind of flowback negative
spellwork causes on a evil person, for other who are thinking about doing things to others.

Can you recommend a crystal or something else that can help her stay grounded?

How do ghosts effect magnets?

How would you summarize what your YouTube is all about?

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