In this episode Ahura addressed astrology; reiki attunement vs. real healing; the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of smudging in a haunted house; astral emenations and keeping negativity out of the home and how to protect your energy, belongings and home; someone in need of a paranormal investigation; emotionalism and banishing negative energy and how to screen a good paranormal investigator; religion, the gospel and many ways to finding God; therapeutic massage; looking for the good things; experiencing energy shifts and how to use your disciplines to get through them; spiritual names and personal questions; astral travel.

Ask the Unicorn is a live weekly paranormal/metaphysical webcast with Ahura Z. Diliiza, owner/headmaster of Unicorn Cove School of Metaphysics. For more information, showtimes and to ask your questions visit:

Actual questions asked and where they show up in the video:

I already have natural abilities in Reiki, but I read I should be “attuned.” Is this fact? What does it mean to be attuned?

In the meantime, a question brought up by my sister when my little mischievous ghosty made my dog’s chicken toy crow last week. Will smudging with sage calm my troublemaking friend down a bit or have I just been lucky enough that the occasional smudge with the repeated stanza, “Let all evil beware only good may enter here” has seemingly kept the mischief down to a dull roar while keeping the house feeling calm andwelcoming?

I’m a little concerned that I may have a spirit causing some issues with me. I have been to the doctor to treat some health issues and they can’t seem to find the solution. I also came home the other day and my pellet stove had been pumping out pellets all day while I worked, and my house was 95 degrees. I am very discouraged between my health issues and trying to stay positive with other issues around me.

I made friends with a group of people that study the Bible and if I meet them in a group they really try to convince me that the only way to God is through the Bible and Jesus. I only know roughly about the Bible, but in your opinion, why or what does it mean that he is the only way? Is it a reference to spirit or his name?

She feels like she’s going in the wrong direction. Like she keeps going in the wrong direction. She says, she got a job in fast food place to supplement the home care for now until she can go to school in September, but she really didn’t have a positive first day. So she’s thinking it’s the wrong avenue to be going down. Wants to know, where should she focus her attention to be able to survive for the time being? And she’s also looking at going into… she was told that therapeutic massage therapy is in greater demand than holistic, what are your thoughts? That’s the field she’s going for.

Was wondering about some energy shifts I think are going on with me. It gives me heart racing, upset stomach, sort of lost appetite, anxiety. I guess I’m feeling pretty good today, but it starts out of nowhere. How can I relax?

What does the name Nithinil mean? When I astral traveled back to the sanctuary, I spent three hours there with family, but I also had to delivered a message and bring it back. I lost the message but I remembered the name. Seemed the whole trip for me was to deliver that message, but the name seems important. Another medium like me said when they felt the name it felt like bells going off.

I feel reunification with my children coming soon. What do you see in regards to this happening?

Once when I almost visited the sanctuary, my eldest sister gave me the name Kashara, what does that mean?

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