Long show this week, almost 2 hours!  We are working on getting transcriptions of all our shows so we will be able to post the questions asked by live callers, but in the meantime, here were the questions sent in by listeners (by email, facebook or via chatroom) that Ahura Z answered this week:

On your websites you distinguish yourself as a telepath. How is that different from a psychic?  Did you always know you were a telepath?  When did you learn how to do readings? Can you teach others how to do psychic readings?

What are those colored orbs that I see everywhere? In the sky in trees, on the grass, on sidewalks and sometimes floating over people?

I have a book called 12,000 dreams interpreted by gustavus miller and tarot cards called Daily Guidance from your Angels by Doreen Virtue and The Enchanted Map oracle cards by Colette -Reid and recently they havent been agreeing. My dream meanings are all about unfortune yet the cards point towards happiness and prosperity. Could you please clear up whats happening here.

Can you tell me about breaking cycles or connections with family members? I feel like my mother is living through me and that her fears and worries are on my mind and keeping me from moving forward with my life. Hope you can answer this or give insight as to why this happens.

sister had suicide 2 yrs ago, and my other sister has been having dreams about her. I felt like Grace came to sat down next to me and i asked her, she just started laughing and went away. my other sister saw her she wishes she hadn’t committed suicide and she wish she wasn’t there in that certain place. what can we do ?

I lost my mother a few weeks ago and since her passing I have had an abundance of love, money, friendship & joy flowing into my life. I feel like I’m being drawn into a vortex of all things good. I feel very blessed. Could it be my mother guiding me toward these positive things? Are spirits of loved ones involved in our lives or are they too busy on the other side to be concerned about what is going on here? On a side note, my mother and I had a very tumultuous relationship and didn’t always get along. I had reason to question her feelings for me and when she passed without this being resolved between us I’ve wondered if she could somehow give me a sign that she understands and that she could let me know she loves me. Could this abundance of joy be her way of giving me the peace of finally being sure of her love?

What are some of the magical properties of Halloween?

I have heard you speak with reservation about conventional Halloween lore–the dead walking the earth etc. Is there any real magic to this holiday? How would you describe it?

I keep receiving the same message over and over about a man from my past. How can i get specific details from my guides?

Do you see any magical significance to Jack-O-lanterns? For those of us who like them, how should they be used for magical benefit?

I’m dealing with a person who believes in the supernatural because this person has legitimately experience things, and many of those things have been negative.This person is starting to believe that whenever they feel bad or something negative happens it must be the supernatural.In your experience what is the best way to get this person to look at life first for solutions rather than jumping directly to a supernatural cause?

How do you keep the balance between being attached to loved ones who have moved on and being open to their assistance?

Due to unforseen financial circumstances we’re no longer moving to Colorado. Alot of things said we’re not moving, like getting last minute financing for the house here. Why did the Gods keep me in Maine? That’s the real question.

During Halloween, does the heightened interest in the holiday make paranormal events more likely to happen?

What is a totem animal? How do they benefit people? What is a good way to use the connection to your totem animals to benefit you in day to day life?

What happened to cause Atlantis to disappear?

A lot of people get tattoos of spiritual symbols on their bodies. How does this affect the person that the tattoo is on if it is a traditional symbol vs. one that is made up?

The Norse Religions use the runestones, and many use their own blood to stain each rune. Is this use of blood a bad thing? What else can we use to bless or activate the runes?

What do you think about using blood as a magickal practice in general?

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