Ask the Unicorn radio show, a weekly paranormal/metaphysical Q&A show with Ahura Z. Diliiza; telepath, teacher, professional exorcist and owner of Unicorn Cove School of Metaphysics.  This episode broadcast live on October 16, 2013.

Ahura Z answered the following questions this week:

“Most religions have stories about making sacrifices to God/Gods. If we share bread, food wine, or incense with God or other spirits is that appropriate?”

“If we were created from the divine in the beginning how did ego, jealousy and hatred came about?”

“I would like to ask Z what his thoughts are about life tests. Does he believe that we have tests to pass or fail in each life that we live? If yes, what does he believe the purpose of those tests to be?”

Are there malevolent aliens as well as benevolent? If so, how do you suggest that people protect themselves against things that are more advanced and experts at camoflauge?”

“Your caller Elise mentioned the idea of interdimensional life. Are there points of intersect between interdimensionality and extraterrestrial/interplanetary life?”

“An important person in my life passed suddenly, then my brother passed suddenly. How do I know they are both at peace? How can I reach them? Let them know I love them and miss them?”

“Why do I sometimes feel emotional and start crying during meditation?”

“I find most of my friends in crisis lately and I having empath tendencies. I am finding it hard to deal with people sucking the life out of me. How can I protect myself from energy vampires?”

During the course of the episode he also played the songs Sun and Moon and I Am by Pisces Projekt (click links to be taken to a download page).


Ask the Unicorn broadcasts live every Wednesday night at 8:00 EST on Blog Talk Radio. Tune in at and call in to speak with Ahura live on the air during the show or post your questions via chatroom during the show. We also take questions in advance at

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