Ask the Unicorn radio show, a weekly paranormal/metaphysical Q&A show with Ahura Z. Diliiza; telepath, teacher, professional exorcist and owner of Unicorn Cove School of Metaphysics. This episode broadcast live on October 9, 2013.

In this episode, Ahura opened the show by addressing some misconceptions about “soul mates” and went on to answer the following questions sent in by listeners:

“What is the purpose for the low voices I hear often and what should I do to deal with them?”

“Is the unbalance within society attributable to some degree to all references to the Goddess being removed from most religious texts, and Her not being recognized by a lot of faiths?”
“Not long ago, a LOT of people were saying that earth was ‘rising to the next dimensional level’. So what happened?”

“What does it mean when you keep seeing the numbers 555 and 999 everywhere, on receipts, clocks, etc?”

“Halloween is coming up. It’s said that spirits walk, and the ‘veil between worlds’ is the thinnest, allowing ghosts to contact us. Is that true?”

“I’ve heard you say that if someone were possessed that they wouldn’t be able to call you for help, that if they were able to call you that it was probably obsession not possession. What is the difference and how can a person tell if they are possessed?”

During the course of the episode he also played the songs Lovers’ Waltz and Last Man Standing by Pisces Projekt (click the links to be taken to a download page).


Ask the Unicorn provides a weekly format for listeners to learn about metaphysical, paranormal and spiritual principals from metaphysician and paranormal expert Ahura Z. Diliiza. Join us every Wednesday night at 8:00 EST and call in to ask Ahura your questions live on the air. Questions can also be sent in advance to:

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