Just wanted to know if you can give me any insight to the sparkling lights that I see both at night and in the day. They are beautiful and they give me a sense of peace and warmth when they appear and vanish within seconds. I have see them at my house, my parents house and just out and about during a normal day. I am trying to get my the new man in my life to believe that the sparkling lights are not the beginning signs or a migraine aura. Any suggestions or thoughts on the subject will be appreciated. Thank you very much.


Greetings: I answered this question awhile ago but somehow it did not show that I did.
I do not think that this is bad. It sounds as if there is someone sending you positive energy. I do however question your choice in men. It seems a very closed minded opinion to think that something that makes you feel good is a sign of bad things. Hmmm. Perhaps you should back away? Peace.

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