My friend has had a few accouters with something holding him down in his sleep, one time he was able to see a dark shadow with red eyes. This happen to him a few times in different houses he live at.His Mother brought it up to me as his phantom haunting him. I study little on unexplainable things in the past and had a few encounters myself in the past with things.So I had him explain to mean on what happen when these things took place what he felt and so on. he said he felt he was awake not able to move he wanted to say something but could not speak and there was ringing in his ear. Was unknown to me what it could of been. After sometime I started to hang out with him more and staying the night. Odd thing started to happen first only when I came around. A cell phone I had for a long time that was turn off I have gave to him to turn it on when he had the money. Well it will only go off when I was around and would be the ring tone I had made for it when I had it because the phone came with NO ring tones at all. It was creepy because it was my voice saying hello,hello,hello..He said it only dose that when your around..I got creep out and did not belive him for the phone was not like that when I own it. Then one time we where in the room alone cuddling and there it was the cell phone came on and went off he got scared and I said to not be, I told him when I am scared I picture a bright light around me makes me feel safe to do so for I have always been scared to sleep alone in the dark and always needed a light on.That was the main thing that took place. Until one night I came over and went to the back room to put my son asleep and as I was laying there I feel into a zone. I was sleeping yet awake if dreaming but not. my body was not able to move it came and go three times and the third time I try to say something but was unable to speak. while this was taking place I heard a voice and my son who was asleep crying when it almost came to an end I look over and seen a beautiful man next to the bed though his presence I did not scare me seeing him I woke up like what happen might of stop because of him. I came awake from my sleep if it was a sleep knowing what I had felt before the man appear.My friend hard to tell him what had took place in the room because all of this is very scary to him. We had talk about everything that took place with his mother the next day. Unsure what happen I know something is going on so his mother and I started looking things up and what she thought was his phantom we came to maybe a succubus. After that I have been looking up ways to try and rid what ever is following him. The other night I was looking up prayers for Angels to maybe help with everything for allot is taking place beside the unexplained things , The next day I made a prayer for him and his mother. Later that day he ask me his mother wants to know whose beautiful voice was on that cell phone I gave him for he was at work when she and her friend heard it. I said what voice? only thing on that phone is the ring tone I left of the hello,hello,hello loud and rude one at that..he reply his mother heard the most beautiful voice she ever heard and it was hypnotic and relaxing voice. when she went to the room to see what it was it stop but the phone was lit up. It happen not long after I sent the prayer..However he said well the night before a beautiful women had appear in his dream. I said well I sent that prayer today I don’t know what you seen in your dream. I ask what she was doing he said he was just standing there.He dose not like talking about things like this its very freighting for him. However I have no clue what is going on and maybe someone might be able to tell me what is and what I can do if all this is some kind of haunting thing taking place.


Greetings. The friend that you are speaking of may have picked up a dark energy somewhere, and the fact that it was a dark entity with red eyes shows that it is something that is in fact living. Perhaps a dimensional being that uses another persons fear. If he can get rid of his fear he can stop the attacks. As for the beautiful people. You did say a prayer. Did it occur to you that the entity may not have been evil? Perhaps it was an angel. I find it interesting that whenever even Christians see something they always think that it has to be evil. It could be entirely good. If this revisits you please let me know exactly what you saw and felt. I will give you instruction as to whether it is good or evil. Peace.

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