I have been feeling like I am being watched for awhile now in the Apartment I am living in and only have had a few experiences where it went beyond feeling like I was being watched but the one last night really has me worried. I woke up because I needed to use the bathroom and looked over towards the door and quite frankly what I saw standing there scared me, standing there was a Tall Shadow it had legs and everything looked like it was in a trench coat and was taller then my bedroom door. I did not get a good feeling from what ever it was so I just closed my eyes and opened them again and it was gone. I know what I saw because I had my fan in the doorway with the door partially closed over and there is a vent in the bottom of the door that I can see through and the lamp was still on in the living room so there was some light and what ever this is had just enough light to see the outline of it. What do I do?


Greetings: My suggestion is that you first physically clean the house, and then purchase an LED light and shine it in the area that you saw the entity. If you can keep it shining in that area. This will abate that entrance, and stop the entity from entering. You seem to have a dimensional rip in your apartment. This can be fixed by getting a small glass bowl and putting one quarter cup of white vinegar in it and 2 teaspoons of sea salt in it, and mixing. Keep the bowl in the room that it manifested.
Following this will stop it from coming. Try this and let me know. Peace.

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