Hi friend, at 1:30this morning when i went to the bathroom, a clock just fell off the wall in the adjacent room. It startled me and some family members. The adjacent room where this happened is fully decorated with rekigious items, a cross and our bible. In our house there is a couple going thru marital issues. Our house is about 7 blocks from where our deceased aunt is buried (2007) who fought dearly against leukemia, and we loved dearly, had a hard time letting go. Besides her passing my only grandfather passed and most recently an uncle. Please advise.


Greetings: The event could have been just be chance. However. See if this happens again. If it does then there is definitely something to it. Read Psalms 91, and 71, and keep a single white candle lit, You must read out loud, and repeat once a day for 7 days. I’m sure that there is nothing to worry about. Sometimes a relative may try to communicate after they have left. My condolences for your losses. Peace.

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