I have what I think is a demon attacking us every night and we can’t stop it. In short, I bought an antique lamp I watched for a year, drawn to it. Finally it overwhelmed me so I HAD to have it. Turns out it was wicked and I was told to take it back and if I heard a knock on the door don’t open it. It tricked me and I opened the door after 3 knocks, 3 times. We had ALOT of trouble and I blessed the house, that night, I woke up paralyzed, arms bound above my head and it laughed this HIDEOUS, WICKED laugh and smelled of sulfur and sewage. Now my husband is “paralyzed” nightly, I have “brain seizures” and visions, odd feeling in my head and can hear something trying to communicate. I think it’s trying to kill us. I had investigators last week and they made it worse and left me stranded. Can you help me please? It needs to go and it’s not afraid of scripture. I feel it to be very very powerful.


Greetings: You must detach your energy. You must remember what you wore to the store that you bought this from, and throw the clothes away. If there is anything else that you bought from that place throw it away as well. It is not afraid of scripture because it is not the words that matter it is the energy, and unfortunately most of what is in the bible is made up.
Read Psalms 91, three times in your home every day for the next month. Go to see either a Priest, or minister and tell them what is happening. You may have to leave your house for a time to dissipate the energy. Let me know when you speak to Clergy. Peace.

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