I used to practice astral projection. During one of my sessions as I was concentrating on my breathing techniques I became very agitated. I stopped trying to project and just tried to go to sleep instead. While laying there I realized that I couldn’t move. I was able to move my eyes though. I thought maybe I did project and didn’t realize it. My eyes started adjusting to the darkness in the room and I noticed there were 5 figures standing next to my bed. One of the figures jumped up on my chest and put what would be his face very close to mine. His face was like smoke and he had a very disturbing grin. I felt him sucking the air out of my lungs. I felt like I was going to die and I couldn’t do anything about it. Then for no reason at all I woke up.

I wasn’t aware that there was a connection with sleep paralysis and a figure sitting on your chest. I was very surprised to see Google finish my search for me. I guess my question is why is sleep paralysis involve these dark figures? I’ve read a few forums and the only answer i get is “classic sleep paralysis”. People only seem to associate “real” with “physical”. This happened to me and it was very real. I appreciate any info.



Greetings Brandon. First. What people call sleep paralysis is a term thought up by scientists that have absolutely no clue as to what they are dealing with. This is an astral attachment brought on by the fact that you have entered into the astral realm. That realm is not meant for living beings and once they have learned you energy signature they can follow you to your body, and in some cases attach themselves to your energy. There is an easy remedy to this problem.

You must densify your energy. Make sure that you eats something that has beef in it before you go to sleep.
2. You must cease all attempts to astral travel, and do no other meditation, or divinatory work for one month.
3. Keep a white unscented candle lit while you sleep, and make sure that there are no computer monitors or televisions on or plugged in for at least seven days while you sleep.

Following these instructions will stop the connection between you and the astral. You are not supposed to go into the astral realm. Peace.

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