A friend of the family has been experiencing strange things in her home which she finds very upsetting and worrying, she believes she has a very unfriendly ghost who means her harm. She said she would like to get someone in to find out more.

My husbands’ Aunt has dabbled with the Ouija over the years and agreed to go around and do one. As our Aunt did not know the family friend very well both my Mother in Law and myself agreed to go along.

We sat around the table for ages while Aunty asked if any spirits wished to communicate, but nothing. We took a break and the family friend and myself had a glass of wine and we returned to the board to try again.

This time the glass actually started moving, it spelt the name RITA, who the family friend believed to be her Aunt who had passed away some time ago. The board seemed to respond better to my questions and our friend believing RITA liked my voice encouraged me to ask it questions she wanted answers to.

After about an hour of communicating with RITA I took my hand from the glass and have no recollection of what happened next. I woke up in my own bed the next morning with violent sickness and diarrhoea and an extreme headache in the centre of my forehead. This lasted for 2 days leaving me totally drained.

My mother in law said afterwards that it was as if I just “switched off” when I removed my hand from the glass and I was unresponsive to anything they said to me and when she got me home I still said nothing any went straight to bed.

I had never done a Ouija before and would like to know if spirits can drain you like this causing physical symptoms.

I have always been sensitive to feelings in buildings/houses and have used Tarot Cards in the past, but never have I experienced anything like this.


I have always told people that the Ouija is not something that was created by light, and should not ever be used. The question that you have asked has an obvious answer. Peace.

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