BHi, I am trying to help my wife and children. They are seeing shadows or a shadowy figure in our home. I THINK I have seen it, but I passed it off as a figment of my imagination. My daughter is pregnant and she said she has seen this on quite a few occasions. The last time was night before last. She saw like a shadowy head keep peeking from behind the refrigerator. Over and over she said. Her bedroom door faces the fridge and she sd she could see it from thru the crack of her door. My son woke up around 3am a couple weeks ago, said he had a nightmare. My wife got up with him and she went to the restroom and left him n the livin room. A couple seconds later he asked, “mom, are you in the kitchen?” She replied, “no, I’m n the bathroom”. He told her he saw her shadow in the kitchen. My wife also sees this figure often. We have been in this home for 1 yr and 2 months and this did not happen at our last home. This is a one story home with no basement but ther is storage above the ceiling and ther is an access ladder that pulls down to get up ther. There is stuff that was left ther by previous renter(s): a mirror, boxes, some papers , etc. My wife is very frightened that this thing will cause harm to our children and in turn, this has got me concerned. I don’t know what to do to protect my family and ease their fears. Its usually the form and size of a child but my wife said she saw it in the form of a cat.? She said it was really weird and whileit was looking at my wife she said she couldn’t move, she was in a paralyzed state and was having a hard time breathing. What can we do to stop this? Move? Because we are considering moving just because of this. Please help. Thank you.


Greetings: You must first start by getting rid of everything that was left behind by the previous tenants.
2. Do an extensive physical cleaning of the home, and make sure that no stone is left unturned.

3. Have someone that is qualified come in and banish the energy that was left behind, and then seal the home. Not a medium, they will only make it worse. Someone that is well versed in spiritual house cleansing will know what to do.

4. Keep a single white candle burning in a safe place in the kitchen, and in the living room, and no smoking in the house, nor should you allow anyone else to.

5. Get an LED light, and give it to your daughter that is pregnant and tell her to sleep with it on, when she sleeps. This will abate the psychic energy. Please follow these steps, and I will further advise. Peace.

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