Greetings Ahura! I was sitting in a doctors office with my ten year old son yesterday. He was to see the Psychiatrist for ADD medication/evalutaion. This was our third time visiting his office. He seems nice enough, intelligent, and down to earth. I was in the middle of making a comment to him about my son’s behavior, when all of a sudden, seemingly out of nowhere, I felt a FLOOD of dizzinness come over my body. When I say flood, I mean STRONG! It felt as though I was affected by a gallon of whiskey all at the same moment. Of course, I was immediatly frightened, and since I was in the middle of a sentence, I tried to play it off as if there was nothing wrong, and quickly finished what I was saying. The feeling lasted at least five seconds, and then vanished just as quickly as it had occured. I briefly looked around the room to see if anything was there (spiritual) that could have caused that feeling. Of course I didn’t see anything, I have never been able to, but I can not shake the feeling that something was in the room with us, causing me to feel that way. My questions is, should I tell the doctor that this happened in his office, and what would I say? He would probably just think I was a nut case, as I assume he is exposed to odities everyday. Is it neccessary to say anything? What good could possibly come from it? I have no proof that it was not just me feeling dizzy, except to say that I know better. Thank you in advance for your assessment.


Greetings: I think that you did the right thing by not saying anything as there could have been just a passing energy that could have possibly been attached to the Doctor himself.

Also. It is unfortunate but the medical profession still has quite a ways to travel before it can accept that the paranormal is very much linked to conventional medicine.

That being said. Do not doubt what you have seen but investigation is in order before you say anything. If you have a similar sensation when you return, at least mention the vertigo.

If this happens again contact me and I will give you steps to irradiate it from your energy. Peace.

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