Approx.a month and a half ago, I’ve been hearing a voice in my pillow.
First, what will happen is I will feel the bed shift,(like something is moving around in the mattress). It will shake, not violently, just a little, but noticeable. Then the voice will come and say things through out the night, into the morning. There can be a human like growl, whispers of words -not all clearly-, a quick bell like sound-though not very often- and other weird sounds I can’t even describe.
My husband finally heard the voice, last week. He heard…”sleep”. Weather it was meant for him or me ? Then he heard me answer “The Voice” to questions he couldn’t make out. But, he did hear one answer, I said…”I love him”.
I moved out to the couch early one morning to lay down, and after a few minutes I heard something right in front of me, then I heard it in the pillow I was laying on in the family room.
It seems to be intelligent, because it will know where my head is at on the pillow. I now share a pillow with my husband. The Voice is still there.
We travel for my husbands work and stay at hotels for a week, and “IT” followed me. I am the hotel now and am desperate to sleep.
Someone recommended putting a bible under my pillow. I did this last night. It started off peaceful, then sure enough the bed started to shake, and “The Voice” came back. Then I would hear it say…”NO”. I also heard a scratch like sound on the cover of the bible. It shifted and shook the bed all night through to the morning.
I have asked it to leave. I have saged the whole house and took the mattress off and saged that, and pillows, but to no avail. I have laughed when it would make a noise. Nothing seems to work. I have even slept without a pillow and have used my arms and hands to lay on (this has been the most beneficial).
Please advise, I’m tired of it all, and so is my poor husband.


Greetings: You must get rid of the bed. Your actions have to this point been commendable but too physical. Remove the bed altogether as there seems to be something attached to it.

See if you can start fresh in your bedroom. Before you sleep on your NEW bed some rules need to be established.
1. Never argue in the bedroom. If you have issues with each other they must be settled outside of your sleeping quarters and you may not enter until they are truly settled.

2. Never sit or lay on your bed wearing the same clothes that you wore when you are out and about, I don’t care how tired you are, and try to keep your work shoes out of your bedroom, altogether

3. When you sleep, keep a single unscented white candle lit as it will stop most astral emanations.

4. Read Psalms 91 out loud every day for the next month in your bedroom, before you go to bed, and say a small prayer of love and protection for your family, and include this in your prayer: “Most Holy Father/Divine Mother. I ask that you send your mighty guardian angels to encamp themselves around and about my family to see to our safety and well being and to allow no evil to come near us, nor our dwelling place”

Please follow my instruction as it will help you in your battle If you need further assistance, I am at your disposal. Peace.

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